Local Content


PNG CR is committed to generating a genuine and meaningful legacy for the local community beyond just participation in the services we deliver.


  • Centralized Procurement of Local Goods;
  • Agricultural Co-ops;
  • Assistance with “Know how to set up and operate Business”;
  • Training and Upskilling of Local Workforce;
  • Assistance to Scalability of Local Partners;
  • Expansion of Business Partners at National Levels.

“The group’s philosophy is that our legacy economic effect should not only benefit communities during

development projects but leave a legacy durable base of high-quality companies that operate to worldclass standards following best practice business ethics. We look forward to building successful community enterprises together.”

One of the most exciting initiatives is focused around the repurposing of temporary camps working collaboratively with project developer and local landowners to design temporary camps that can be easily repurposed. We reverse engineer the process and prior to building the temporary camp have a clear vision of the primary use of the modules post the construction phase being repurposed into; housing, clinics, schools, training intuitions. In doing so leaves long term meaningful legacy for all the communities.

We love supporting local businesses and great SME’s in Papua New Guinea as a part of our commitment to Local Content.

If you represent a business that has not previously or recently registered with PNG CR / Red Sea Housing PNG, and you are interested in supporting as a preferred vendor, teaming or other business opportunities with us, please contact us today!

Once submitted, your application will be reviewed to determine if your company’s offering is a fit within our current and future business needs. You will receive an email notification confirming the application was submitted, and a subsequent email notification confirming the results of the application review process.

If approved, the email confirmation will communicate the next steps in the supplier registration process.