Design – Construct – Operate



The COCR Group no matter the project location around the world uses a model consistent with a design-construct-operate A-Z solution to support our clients. This model has deemed to be very successful in providing a service to our clients that is unrivalled the world over.

The merits of such model allow the process from concept to delivery to be solely under the control of one contracting entity thus creating a process flow that is efficient, robust and feeds the quality product and service the group is known to deliver on.

Furthermore, the integrated service model (one contracting entity methodology) promotes:

Standardized approach to environment, health and safety practices

Standardized approach to service delivery driving quality outcomes

One point of contact for the developer instead of managing multiple contracts / relationships

Scales of the economy

Allows for a focused approach to driving benefits and opportunities for Landowners and other local key stakeholders

Minimizes delay risk and allows for considerable cost savings as the construction of facilities is executed by the same company operating the facilities. This ensures delivery of facilities fit for purpose from design through to operation.