High-Level Overview of the Groups Activities – Facilities Management:

  • Over 25,000 en-suite beds owned and operated globally;
  • Owns and operates Largest Cook-Chill Kitchen in the world at 12,000m2 with serving capacity over 50,000 meals;
  • Operates and Maintains Full Independent Utility networks for our facilities (Gas, Water, Wastewater and Electricity):

— Filters to potable water over 4,500m3 of water per day

— Treats wastewater of over 3 million litres per day

— Own Evaporation ponds conforming to the world bank and Environmental standards

— Gas step down stations

— 20MW electricity with full back up redundancy

  • Over 9,000 management and operational staff and a further 1,600 construction personnel;
  • Owns and operates over 1,200 vehicles of various size and capacities;
  • Over 8,000m2 of permanent leased office space;
  • Over 420 room permanent long-term accommodation apartments under management;

All projects executed to World Bank and International Monetary Fund standards.

The group is well known to deliver safely, reliably and on time and on budget for our respective partners.


Other Services

Camp Operations & Maintenance

Hospitality & Catering

Cleaning & Laundry Services

Project Logistics